Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grain Announces Deep Energy Concept

The Deep Energy (DE) concept opens up a new category in renewable energy. Sustainable electricity is generated utilizing deep ocean pressures by a process that produces no pollution or waste of any kind DE is the first example of what we’re calling baropelagics because the process relies on the compression of air under deep ocean pressures to generate electricity. Amazingly, this clean technology has the potential to meet or surpas the output of a nuclear power generator!

Unaffected by season or climate, DE can be installed in almost a limitless number of ocean locations worldwide. Additionally, the ability to store compressed air for later use will maximize the income generating potential of DE. Our hope is that DE will inspire companies and engineers to make this green energy concept reality. Please contact
Grain for more information.

> Grain

> Deep Energy Baropelagics (bigger video)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sami at Better World By Design Confrence!

Grain's Sami Nerenberg to be speaking as a panelist for the Better World by Design Conference going on next month at RISD/Brown Univeristy in Providence, RI! Sami will be one of dozens of world-class professionals and academics in this milestone conference that will change the way you think about global crises and push the limits of user-centric, affordable design. It looks like it will be quite an event. Sami will be speaking on the Social Entrepreneurship panel (see information below). To attend, pre-register via their website.

Social Entrepreneurship (Sunday, November 9, 11:15-12:00pm)
How can business strategy and technology work together to better the world? What is the relationship among social entrepreneurs, designers, and other experts?

> Better World by Design Confrence