Friday, April 30, 2010

Ty D.I.Y. Edition at Urban Outfitters!!!

Yep, get them while they are hot through the Urban Outfitters website!

Grain at the Whitney Museum Store!

We are SO super excited to announce that our Ty D.I.Y. Edition shower curtains, Chi-Chi necklaces, and Electric Love rings will soon be available for purchase at the Whitney Museum Store! Big thanks to our rep Marianne!! Woo-hoo!!

Image above: "Untitled (I shop, therefore I am)" by Barbara Kruger from 1987 from here.

Zero Waste: Sold Out!

Last summer we designed Zero Waste (in collaboration with our dear friend Mika Carmichael) in response to American Design Club's call for concepts for Areaware's Design To Go.

They were looking for products that encompassed the idea of travel. We thought a bag would be a great response to that - especially one that you could add your own designs to over time. We envisioned people adding notes, maps, and other info that they collected in their everyday travel.

The final pattern for Zero Waste was made to utilize a single sheet of HDPE (leftovers from our Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition shower curtains) and allows for zero cutting waste, hence the name.

We didn't put much effort into spreading the word on the bag after Design To Go, but the word definitely got out and as of today we are totally sold out! Thanks so much to Commerce With A Conscience, NOTCOT, Better Living Through Design, What The Cool, Visual Therapy, and Green By Design for the recent posts.

And YES, we are working on Zero Waste 2.0!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project H Seattle Happy Hour Benefit

If you are in Seattle, we hope to see you at the Project H happy hour benefit on May 19th at 5:30 pm at Red Door in Fremont!

Project H is a national organization that connects the power of design to the people who need it most. It is a team of volunteer designers and builders engaging locally to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked.

Curious? This will be your chance to learn more about Project H and what the Seattle Chapter has been up since it formed last summer!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grain Summer Workshops at Open Satellite!

Do you know any Seattle-area teens curious about design?

Grain is leading two two-week design workshops for teens (12 - 15 years old) at Bellevue's Open Satellite residency space this summer and we are looking participants!

Teens will walk away with a design process tool kit that includes concept development, learning how to refine ideas, creating prototypes, and developing presentation skills. The hands-on workshop will culminate in a weekend public showcase of teen prototypes and products that will coincide with the Bellevue Arts Museum's Art Fair.

The workshops will run June 28th - July 10th and July 12th - July 23rd with the special weekend exhibition at Open Satellite July 24th - 25th.

For more info, please contact Open Satellite Public Programs Manager, Laura O'Quin at laura [at] or at 425.454.7355.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ty in Better Homes and Gardens!

Better Homes and Gardens contacted us a while back about an article that they were putting together on indoor air quality. The article was inspired by a recent study that found US homes often have higher levels of air pollutants than found outdoors. This is due to off-gassing building materials, paints, and products as well as mold and dust.

We are proud to have Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition suggested as safe alternatives to traditional off-gassing products in May's issue (see above and below). Check out the full article Breathe Easy on pages 213 - 218.

Below is a detail showing the Ty recommendation:

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Target's Red Hot Shop

For the whole month of April, Target and Daily Candy are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day with 10 products that help support a more sustainable lifestyle in Target's Red Hot Shop. We are thrilled to have Ty D.I.Y. Edition included in the mix!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Free shipping through April!

Happy spring! We are offering free shipping on everything in the shop (besides furniture) for the entire month of April.

Ty D.I.Y. Edition in Pregnancy & Newborn!

We just found out that Ty D.I.Y. Edition will be featured in Pregnancy & Newborn's April issue! Above and below is a sneak peak.