Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ty D.I.Y. Edition at RISD Works!

We just had to share the photo we received from RISD Works of their in store display of Ty D.I.Y. Edition. Kind of the best example ever! Thanks Matthew!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Ty D.I.Y. Edition photos ever!

We have received some great pictures of customized Ty D.I.Y. Edition's since they were launched last November, but these (found on Stomper Girl) really take the cake.

As designers, nothing makes us happier than seeing our product out in the world being enjoyed like this by super cute kids.

If you have Ty D.I.Y. Edition photos that you'd like to share, please forward to shop [at] We'd love to see what you've come up with!

A+ Recap

It was a long week at the New York International Gift Fair. Our little display in the "A+: The Young Designers' Platform" was busy busy. We met a lot of great people and wrote some nice orders. The best part was getting to meet many of our buyers for the first time in person. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Above is our pedestal with Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition hanging in the background and non-profit Trash For Teaching.

The A+ wall text. You can read it in full in the press release here.

A view of Munire Kirmaci, Appree Co. and Loyal Luxe.

Marie-Pier Guilmain, Munrie Kirmaci and Jiyeon Ahn.

Ekdesign's pedestal.

A view of A+ from far corner of the booth with work by Munire Kirmaci upfront.

Steve from Trash For Teaching giving James and my Mom another lecture.

Our Electric Love rings (made of reclaimed electrical wire) in pink and white.

A view of our pedestal from above...

and with Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition hanging in the background.

A detail of our Sololá purses.

Display by Trash For Teaching. These are building block kits made from garment industry waste. All proceeds from their sale go to supporting the non-profit which brings waste materials into the Los Angeles school district to be used in art making programs.

Loyal Luxe's flat-pack cat house.

Lighting by Luca 12:00.

Appree Co.'s leaf shaped sticky notes.

Jiyeon Ahn of Luca 12:00 with an Electric Love ring at our pedestal.

Marie-Pier Guilmain, Maud Beauchamp, James Minola, Munire Kirmaci and Sangwoo Nam.

James Minola, Jiyeon Ahn, Munire Kirmaci and Sangwoo Nam.

And lastly... A detail of our Chi-Chi necklace prototype. Chi-Chi is handmade by artisans in Guatemala. It should be available for purchase in our shop in late March/early April.