Friday, December 18, 2009

Ty D.I.Y. Edition in the world....

We have been super busy these past few weeks packing up holiday orders. There are Ty D.I.Y. Edition curtains in (or on route to) almost all of the 50 US states, Denmark, Germany, Italy...

With each Ty D.I.Y. Edition that we send out from our Grain Shop, we include a little note asking those who feel like sharing to send us a photo (to of their custom designs and illustrations. We just got our first photo (above) back from Meredith in Australia.

Meredith wrote quotes from literature and poetry all over her Ty. In her email, she wrote that she was, "influenced by my mum, who had loved all the study notes I had stuck onto our bathroom mirror for my final high school exams".

Her text includes quotes from Oscar Wilde, Dylan Thomas, W.B. Yeats and more...

Thanks so much for sharing Meredith!! We hope to see many more photos from Ty D.I.Y. Edition artists in the future.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Ty D.I.Y. Edition on Design Milk!

Huge thanks to Catrina at Design Milk for her great post on Ty D.I.Y. Edition last week! Brit found the link this morning. We love that it includes photos of almost all of our draw-a-thon participants... Yeah!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grain projects in the news...

Big thanks to Matt Hickman for featuring Ty D.I.Y. Edition in Green Monday: A gift guide on the Mother Nature Network earlier this week. We are among some fun gift ideas, such as Patrick Morris & Boskke's Sky Planter, Flip & Tumble Produce Bags from Branch and MIO's new Organixe Magazine Files.

Ty D.I.Y. Edition also made Gift Guide: Fa La La La La on the Seattle Homes & Lifestyles blog this week. Thanks Stacy and Angela!

We were also super excited to see Ty D.I.Y. Edition up on The Chic Ecologist last week! Thanks Jean-Paul!

In other news, our Zero Waste bag, designed by e.carmichael for Grain, was featured as the "Monday Murse" on Commerce with a Conscious. Thanks Brad!

Oh, and we just found this great post from the summer on Inspiration Wall about woven metal seating that features Café America along with some other really fabulous work including fellow RISD grad Ruth Fore's Crochet Crochet lounge. Check it out the whole post here.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shoppe Success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out for JOIN's Design Shoppe Saturday! What a fun night! Above and below are a few of our quick pics from the beginning of the evening before it got too crowded for words...

Above are Chalk It To Me animals by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and pillows by Piano Nobile.

Our Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition plus some new purses (will be in our shop soon) made in collaboration with artisans in Guatemala. Above them are Mini-Pedestal SELECT's by Iacoli & McAllister.

urbancase's candles above plainMade's felt bags and other textile wares.

Our new Electric Love rings (will be in our shop soon) made from reclaimed electrical wire and our Cheri necklaces.

Chickabird's notebooks using Piano Nobile fabric and Greg Bethel's Sigg Faucet Caps.

Screen printed textiles by Dinah Coops Design.

Brian McAllister and Greg Bethel.

Loc Trinh and a friend in front of work by Meet Me Here.

Design Shoppe also included jewelry by fortyfive09, fruit super, Free Time Industries and &c.