Monday, May 19, 2008

Seattle wants going green to be easier on taxpayers - move that supports sustainable design

Seattle is taking steps toward "product stewardship" which may require companies to help share the burden of consumer waste disposal. As more city's adopt such measures, the need for sustainable design expertise will continue to grow, pushing cradle-to-cradle design considerations in all products. Excerpt below by Angela Galloway for the Seatle PI:

City wants going green to be easier on taxpayers

From carpet recycling to curbside pickup of broken televisions and computers, Seattle politicians are considering ways to help shift away from taxpayers some of the burden -- and cost -- of waste disposal.

Such steps aim to encourage a fundamental change in waste-reduction efforts toward "producer responsibility." A national movement also dubbed "product stewardship," the effort is considered a critical factor in moving beyond landfills and in encouraging manufacturers to opt for environmentally friendly product design.

"Traditionally, when we're done with products, the responsibility has fallen on government to ensure that the recycling programs are in place," said Suellen Mele, of Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation. "Producer responsibility is really a different approach in which the manufacturers of the products are the ones that take responsibility for their products throughout the whole life of the products."

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