Tuesday, August 04, 2009

JOIN: Design Seattle on Core77!

This morning Lisa Smith, designer, educator, writer and co-founder of Object Design League, posted a rich article on the recent design club movement bubbling up in the US. The article highlights the efforts of our very own JOIN: Design Seattle, as well as the America Design Club based in New York and Object Design League in Chicago.

The article goes beyond just identifying this movement, and begins to investigate the forces behind its development, including the lack of federal support for up-and-coming designers like that which is available in most of Europe.

Lisa Smith writes in her closing paragraph:

"Though groups have always organized to promote ideas they believe in and young people have always collaborated to produce experimental work, the significance of AmDC, JOIN and ODL is that rather than collaborating, they aspire to help young, independent and struggling American designers by creating durable relationships and creative opportunities. In their optimism for self-organization and their outwards engagement, these clubs are part of a larger Obama-inspired zeitgeist that prioritizes restructuring over coping, and could very well bring about significant change in the American design scene."

Check out the inspiring and optimistic article on Core77 here.

The following photos are: JOIN's recent Ctrl+Alt+Design exhibition, logos of the American Design Club, JOIN: Design Seattle and Object Design League, the Brite Collective lighting workshop and results, and the commemorative pillow from Ctrl+Alt+Design.

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