Friday, April 30, 2010

Zero Waste: Sold Out!

Last summer we designed Zero Waste (in collaboration with our dear friend Mika Carmichael) in response to American Design Club's call for concepts for Areaware's Design To Go.

They were looking for products that encompassed the idea of travel. We thought a bag would be a great response to that - especially one that you could add your own designs to over time. We envisioned people adding notes, maps, and other info that they collected in their everyday travel.

The final pattern for Zero Waste was made to utilize a single sheet of HDPE (leftovers from our Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition shower curtains) and allows for zero cutting waste, hence the name.

We didn't put much effort into spreading the word on the bag after Design To Go, but the word definitely got out and as of today we are totally sold out! Thanks so much to Commerce With A Conscience, NOTCOT, Better Living Through Design, What The Cool, Visual Therapy, and Green By Design for the recent posts.

And YES, we are working on Zero Waste 2.0!

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