Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos from Model Citizens NYC

Here are a few quick pics from the Model Citizens NYC exhibition last weekend. See more on Core77, Inhabitat, Ponoko, Design Glut, Metropolis (added 5/26/10) and on the Model Citizens NYC Facebook Page.

Photos above and below are from Inhabitat's The Best Green Designs from Model Citizens 2010. The above mobiles made from pencils are by Michiel Cornelissen.

Pins and necklaces crafted from bits of cracked ceramic.

The Floor (to Ceiling) Lamp by Jason Neufeld.

Bell jar stands made from scrap wood and glass by Niels Cosman.

Bowls made of colored pencils by Michiel Cornelissen.

The Perch chair designed by Jason Hu for The Guyana Project.

Hanging lamps by design since made from re purposed spools of measuring tape.

We showed our Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition shower curtains, Chi-Chi necklaces, and Electric Love rings which you can find for sale in our shop.

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